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Get a Pool Inspection before Buying a Home

Are you planning to install a pool on your property? Congratulations! Swimming pools are spectacular features that serve as excellent sources of relaxation and fun. Nevertheless, constructing a pool is costly. So, before you start building your pool, ensure you get a pool inspection. This procedure will help you know whether your property qualifies for […]

Why You Should Hire a Pool Service

Undoubtedly, swimming pools are spectacular features that serve as excellent sources of entertainment and relaxation. Nevertheless, pools need constant maintenance. Maintaining a pool consumes time and effort. Hence, it is always advisable to hire a pool pro to take care of your pool. Although you’ll spend money, hiring a pool service expert helps you save […]

How to Winterize your Swimming Pool

Every pool owner needs to close their pool for winter. During winter, there are harsh climatic conditions that could damage open pools. So, a good percentage of homeowners often winterize their pools just before winter. Fortunately, winterizing your pool is not as complex as most people think. In this article, we look at how to […]

How to Clean a Salt Cell

Over the years, saltwater pools have increasingly become popular among a majority of homeowners. Saltwater pools use less chlorine; hence considered safer for human use. Saltwater pools feature a salt chlorinator cell that breaks down salt into sodium and chlorine through a process known as electrolysis. The chlorine produced is then used to disinfect the […]

How to Properly Clean a Pool Filter

A pool filter is one of the essential components of a pool. Pool filters are responsible for trapping dirt particles from the pool. Thus, they keep pool water clean. It is vital to keep the pool filter clean at all times to boost its efficiency. So, how do you clean a pool filter? First, it […]

Pool Closing Service

Pool Closing Service Our pool closing service is the absolute best way to protect your swimming pool. With our complete winterization service you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your swimming pool will be safe during the winter and in ready to use condition next season. Pool Winterization / Pool Closing Service Schedule […]

Why Invest in a Variable Speed Pump?

Indisputably, pool pumps are the circulatory system of the pool. Without a pump, your pool would be a large mass of stagnated water. Back in the day, single-speed pumps were popular among a majority of pool owners. But today, variable speed pumps are becoming more common. Pool professionals report that a variable speed pump is […]

What Does a Pool Filter Do To Clean The Pool?

Usually, pool filters get rid of all dirt particles present in the pool. They filter debris out of the pool; thus, they help you achieve crystal clear pool water. Generally, there are different filter settings on a multiport valve. They include the rinse, waste, closed, backwash, and recirculate setting. All these settings work towards helping […]